Max Benifit from Sodium Usinate Cycle

  1. Max Benifit from Sodium Usinate Cycle

    Hi all,

    I'm on a 5 day training spilt, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Back, Chest, with abs everyday. With no cardio atm, i'm also on CKD, i'm 5ft 7, 170lb, 12%. My Goal is 8 - 10% BF. I'm thinking of running a SU cycle. I intend to have Liver Fucntion Tests before, during and after my cycle. I've been doing lots of reseach but i just need some clarification on a few things.

    I intend to stack it with Ephedrine HCL 25mg + 200mg Caffeine x 3 ED
    ALA or R-ALA? Which one and at what dose per day?
    Vitamins A, C, E. What doses? Vit C i was gunna take 1g x 3.
    Milk Thistle... what dose?

    I believe with SU you should start on a low dose to assess your tolerance, eg 200mg x 2, then move to 300mg x 2, .... 500mg x 2. But how long should i wait before moving up dosages?

    With my diet, is it better to stay on a ketogenic or go back to 40/40/20? When on SU the body becomes very inefficient at using glucose, so is there any point in consuming carbs? Is the majority of the weight lost on SU fat?

    I intend to continue 5day spilt, but adding 45 - 60min of walking every morning.


  2. Go to a 40/40/ want to take advantage of the fact that your body innefficently utilizes carbohydrates. Uses a keto diet would be counter productive to the desired effects. Wait a week or so before you decide to change dosages.

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