Syntrax Shopping Spree Review

  1. Syntrax Shopping Spree Review

    It's a been a while since I've posted a review on a supplement, and by golly isn't that what this forum is for? So here go. It's storytime kids!

    Put yourself in my shoes around mid-November. Things are getting hectic, your workouts are rushed whenever you actually have time to the gym. The stress has your diet somewhat less than stellar. That summer six-pack is slowly fading away into a 4-pack, then a 2-pack and finally a no-pack. When all of a sudden you're hit with a brick of discovery, you're going to be spending a week in the FLORIDA KEYS this December. The Keys, home to hundreds of beaches, and even more amazing looking women. It was time for a change.

    I started forcing myself into gym daily rather than whenever I "felt like it". But I was still lacking a bit of motivation. (I'm somewhat of a procrastinator, who likes things to be in front of him for motivation; something 5 weeks away didn't quite cut it). So I decided to turn to supplements to give me that boost. There's something about fancy schmanzy supplements that forces me into motivation. I think it's that I'm scared I'll be wasting my money if I don't work out while on them.

    I started browsing the store as well as 1fast's to try to decide on what to buy. The success of my jug of Swole V2 was still fresh in my mind, though it had been nearly 2 months since I had finished that first jug. That combined with the frenzy of Syntrax activity on these boards drove me to the Syntrax page over at Mike's site. It was time to splurge.

    Once the checkout button had been hit, the following would soon be in my grasp. A bottle of Guggulbolic Extreme, a bottle of Beta 3, a jug of Isomatrix Reloaded, a jug of Peach Nectar, and a bottle of Radox.

    Because I knew I'd be reporting into you guys at completion, I ran the guggulbolic by itself for a week, then the Beta3 for a week, then stacked the two until they were both empty.

    Note: My training on these days was lifting on M/W/F, with cardio in the days in-between and weekends off. I was lifting according to the DoggCrap protocol, and my cardio alternated between HIT and low-intenstiy.

    My diet was high protein, moderate fat, low/moderate carb (the only nutrient I count is protein, and I make sure I get a minimum daily of 200 g.)

    The results of my trial:

    Guggulbolic Extreme - This is a very nice supplement. Running 6 capsules per day, I noticed increased heat production and sweating almost immediately. After a week of usage, the scale clocked me at a 4 lb. weight loss.

    Beta 3 - Another productive weight loss supplement. In it's solo week, I didn't notice much in terms of heat or increased sweating, but my weight loss was indeed facilitated by this stuff; the scale noted a 2 lb. loss.

    Side Note - I lost 5.5 lbs. the week I stacked the two!

    Peach Nectar - Wow. That's pretty much all I can say about this stuff. The taste is amazing. The smell is amazing. The fact that its pure whey protein, sans carbs and fat makes it a dieters dream. If you want a pure whey protein formula for post-workout usage and the like, this is definitely the one to get.

    Isomatrix Reloaded - The only way to find a protein blend of a higher class than this one is to make it yourself or use a customizer service. But then, you wouldn't have the amazing aroma of this stuff to put a smile on your face just by smelling. The taste isn't bad either, its a pleasure to drink, but the smell is just...whoa. Aside from an amazing blend of protein, it also has some excellent extras, such as glutamine peptides, l-arginine, l-malate, betaine, and glycocyamine. Taking this stuff pre-workout gave me great pumps, and my recovery times improved while on this stuff as well. Definitely worth the money!

    Radox - It's hard to physically notice anything different while on an anti-oxidant cocktail, so I don't really have much to say for this one. However, ingredient-wise, this is THE best anti-oxidant formula on the market. Compared with everything else I 've seen, nothing comes close. It's worth saying that in this season on sickness, I did not get the sick during the month I was on Radox, and I think the Radox definitely had something to do with that as lots of the people around me were sick.

    The bottom line here, is keep up the good work Syntrax! These 5 new supplements all work extremely well, and the other new product from the line I've tried, Swole V2 also works great. I'm really impressed by the guys over and Syntrax and how they are fixing their defunct line into one of the most reliable in the game.

    So how did our story end? Our hero (me) lost 13 pounds and re-gained his six pack with time to spare before his visit to Key West. And shall we say...he had a SPECTACULAR TIME, if you catch my drift

  2. yep looks like syntrax finallt got it together..semed they were in limbo after they lost boith triax and adipo

  3. is this icex99 or whatever, or are you simply copying the thread?

  4. I am Icex999 @

  5. Good Review man



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