What Supplements should I be taking?

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    What Supplements should I be taking?

    so i need some advice, I just wrapped up a 4 weeks cycle of Decabolin (CTD Labs), Trib & 6-Oxo. so the bottle reccomends an 8 week off cycle, doing that, but i am hearing about post cycle therapy, do i need to be doing this or is this something that is for people doing some real hardcore type of stuff... i havent changed my diet, and only do cardio 2 times a week if that makes any difference, not interested in cutting yet, but i dont want to loose any of the gains i made while i was taking my supplements.. any help is apreciated. Mike

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    You ingested 3 rather powerful steroids. This is about has "hardcore" as it gets.

    You most definitely want a PCT, that is, unless you want to lose alllll them gains.

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