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  1. Syntrax Adonis X

    Monday morning I will begin taking Syntrax Adonis X. I will be taking 5 pills per day for 5 weeks. I will take 2 in the AM, 2 in the afternoon, and 1 in the PM. Syntrax claims while taking the product you will "notice wicked pumps, increased muscle growth, and an exaggerated physiological response to each and every workout."

    Monday - Chest, Back, Bi's
    Tuesday - Shoulders, Legs, Tri's
    Wed - off
    Thursday - Chest, Back, Bi's
    Friday - Shoulders, Legs, Tri's
    Sat/Sun - off

    I am doing a clean bulk, taking in around 5000 calories a day and approx 500 grams of protein. This typically includes 6 scoops of protein, lots of oats, rice, chicken, beef, eggs, and milk. I also drink about 1-2 gallons of water a day.

    Creatine and dextrose
    Whey protein
    Protein blend
    Mulitvitamin, Vit E, Vit C
    2000mgs of Flaxseed oil
    1000mgs of Fish oil

    I will keep everyone posted.

  2. Ok....maybe I'm missing something, but how is this different than Molecular's X-factor?? And from what I remember that tanked bigtime.

    I'm interested in this log, but I think these products seem to be a waste of money....anyone have links to cycle logs using just these arachidonic acid products?

  3. There are a couple of threads over at using adonis X. This is the same as X-Factor. Molecular and Syntrax have a deal worked out with this product.

  4. Ya i have not heard to much about Molecular's Product. The product looks promising and Syntrax has a great reputation so I thought I would give it a shot.

  5. The object to it is the use of Omega-3's with it.. I take mine with 1300mg evening primrose oil, and 1200mg flax oil softgels.. Pop one of each with 3 Adonis X, twice a day.. I'm feeling the pumps, they seem to last longer than normal.. Not bad, only been a week, and I think it'll be good for bulking..

  6. Pete, in this thread Big Cat is saying to not take any omega's with it....not sure myself****196802

  7. Quote Originally Posted by jweave23
    Pete, in this thread Big Cat is saying to not take any omega's with it....not sure myself****196802
    But, the GLA found in evening primrose oil shouldn't be a problem..

  8. I had two excellent workouts on Mon and Tues. I will weigh in on Friday.

    BTW Big Pete your looking huge man. Keep up the good work

  9. I had an excellent workout yesterday. Here is what I noticed yesterday...

    1) increase in strength on the bench press
    2) good pumps in the biceps

  10. I weighed in yesterday. So far no weight gain. I will keep everyone posted.
  11. Thread jacked

    I'm back to jack another thread of yours NO MERCY . Again, if you want to keep it uncluttered, let me know and I'll delete my posts:

    I have been taking Adonis X for about 4 weeks now. I will copy a few of my posts from my log (on another forum). I hope they are helpful.

    Training: I am currently following a 5 day split:
    ~ Monday: Chest
    ~ Tuesday: Legs
    ~ Wednesday: Arms
    ~ Thursday: Shoulders/forearms
    ~ Friday: Back/abs

    I have been following this routine since early August, switching up order and exercises occassionally, but keeping the 5 days/week schedule. I generally do cardio (HIIT) once a week on the weekend, although the stresses of the end of the semester have made this part of my workout sporadic at best. However, I am still in great cardiovascular shape and remain lean (around 8.5% bf). My gym sessions last around 45 minutes to an hour each, depending on the bodypart(s) exercised and how busy the gym is at 6 am.

    I will likely be changing my routing to a 3 or 4 day/week split over break as transportation will be an issue. I am well aware that this can introduce variability into my results, but I have switched from a 5 day split to a 4 day split before without much physiological or strength change.

    Diet: I am doing a clean bulk, takling in around 3000-3200 calories a day. This usually includes 2-3 shakes, lots of oats, rice, one salad with lots of fresh vegetables and meat/egg, tons of tuna and chicken, and milk. I drink several diet sodas a day, one of my only vices. Damn.

    Supplements: For the sake of this experiment, I will be taking only my protein (isolate after lifting, blend afternoon and before bed), a standard multi, and ICE/Vendetta during workout. Later on into the trial I may stack some G-Plenish to see what kind of results this may give.

  12. I will be consuming 5 softgels a day until my 2 bottles run out (36 days), reassessing my progress, and then opting whether or not to continue on to an additional bottle to finish out 50 days. The available AA feedback is marred by sporadic training and injuries; I wish to carry out my trial in accordance with how Syntrax indended Adonis X to be taken so that we know definitively if AA is the Real Deal Holyfield.

    My split will be 2 x 2 x 1 (pre/midday/bedtime)

    Initial impressions: These are softgels in only the loosest sense of the word. They resemble paintballs in color and hardness, and the shape has caused 2 of them to become lodged uncomfortably in my throat, requiring a huge influx of water to get them down. They are designed somewhat like miniature footballs. On a sidenote, they look pretty cool . In class I got some funky "fatty" burps. I chewed some Winterfresh so the ladies wouldn't get on my case.

    Starting weight (12/08/03) = 164 lbs
    Starting bodyfat % = 8.4%

    My first day of supplementation (I took my first gel last night), I had a fantastic chest workout. I was actively trying to convince myself to not to let the placebo effect hit me, but I'll be damned if it did. Bench up 5 lbs and I squeezed out some extra reps after being plateaued for awhile. I also felt a weird energy surge last night and this morning after taking Adonis X. We will see if this continues; I am wagering that it is just my pre-chest-day jitters combined with anxiety about impending exams.

  13. Somewhere amidst my other posts I mentioned dropping fish and flax oil consumption. There has been numerous arguments for and against omega-3 and omega-9 supplementation while on AA, so I just picked one side and went with it.

    1 week
    Despite having exams, final papers, packing for the break, etc, I still got into the gym for every workout this week. Aside from the aforementioned arm fatigue (dead tired, quite atypical), I haven't noticed any sort of increased body fatigue/soreness. Every one of my workouts this week was excellent. A few extra pounds here and there, a few extra reps. No extraordinary jumps, but that is to be expected.

    Only real negative I have noticed is AA burps; I have gotten these on several occasions, and they are disgusting. Always carry gum.

    2 weeks
    This was my 13th day on Adonis X at 5 softgels/day. The scale at the gym today read 166.5, which is between 2 and 2.5 pounds up in about 2 weeks (different scale, so I can't be sure of the exact gain).

    Chest/Shoulders (12-18-03): Slight increase in reps and weight, but again no huge jumps. I noticed a giant pump and the veins across my delts and down my biceps were jumping out. Energy levels were good considering I am in the gym longer than my usual schedule now that I am doing 2 bodyparts/day over Christmas break.

    Bis/Tris (12-20-03): Still getting over being ill. I'm not letting this cold keep me out of the gym, so I'm popping just enough Sudafed to keep my nose from running like a faucet. I felt like ass going into the gym; usually I am amped on the drive there, but today I was in a stupor. I picked a DMX song and started repeating it in my head in the locker room to get me going. I ended up having a surprisingly good workout, adding 5 pounds to my dips and still cranking out more reps than usual. Weight on other exercises was up around 5 pounds. Spiderwebbing veins in my forearms.

    My progress is pretty good in my eyes. I had hit a stagnation point several weeks ago where it was a chore just to keep from sliding backward. I've been eating slightly differently here by spreading meals out more, but my caloric intake has only increased by 100-200 calories a day, tops. Some days I am struggling to meet 3000 due to being under the weather.

    Out of the gym I have been feeling a little lethargic. When I kick the cold we will be able to see if the AA has anything to do with this. Furthermore, I've experienced a slight burning during urination over the past 3 days. If this persists after I drop the cold medication we may have a problem. I am almost certain it is the Sudafed though.

    I still have 5 weeks left. Nothing strikes me about Adonis X yet, but I still have high hopes.

  14. 3+ weeks

    Wow, time flies around the holidays. I've been busy spending time with the family, but I am still getting to the gym regularly, eating non-stop, and sleeping a good 10 hours a day. After how hectic last semester was, I needed this time to get back in homeostasis. The scale read 168 today, but I think that it was recalibrated. Dad weighed himself on Saturday and then again on Monday and his weight had "increased" by 2.5 pounds. I will continue to use this scale to observe differences in weight from week to week, although it seems now that an absolute weight gain value will have to wait until I return to school. I can, however, tell that I am putting on size. I won't lie - I have noticed a little increase in fat - but lean mass, especially in the shoulders, triceps, and chest, is definitely up.

    Workouts have continued to be fulfilling with constant progress occuring. No significant jumps in anything except chest, which I blasted again today with an amazing workout. Pumps are still very good, definitely noticeable over my "clean" periods when I am consuming only my multi, flax, and whey. I am experiencing some joint distress, which may stem from 2 factors: the pro-inflammatory characteristics of AA (as experienced by Big H with X-Factor), and the fact that I am not using flax oil or fish oil on this cycle, which I believe helped me with joint issues.

    A brief summary at the 3 week mark:

    ~ increased pump (noticed even on long walks)
    ~ size increases at a slightly accelerated rate (compared to normal gains without AA)
    ~ strength increases at a slightly accelerated rate (compared to normal gains without AA)
    ~ overall increased vascularity (particularly in arms)

    ~ increased joint distress
    ~ presence of acne on face/back/chest in small patches
    ~ disgusting burps
    ~ expense

    I do feel that this product is providing results. For those who wish to accelerate gains without prohormones and who want to use all possible routes to do so (creatine, BCAAs, black magic, whatever they can get their hands on), this product will help out. There is a hefty price tag though, as the assistance is not fast-acting and requires you to shell out for several bottles. Most people would rather save the money or cop some prohormones. I will continue providing feedback for several more weeks; if the gains pick up or even continue at their current rate, I will be satisfied. If a prohormone ban does go into effect and the price drops, Adonis X could definitely help some people out.

    If you choose to use it now, I would suggest stacking it with some sort of joint support formula, taking it with a meal, and (for the pump fiends out there) possibly stacking it with Swole V.2/NOZ/Satur8, etc. for what may be ungodly swellage. I would be doing this myself if I hadn't eliminated V.2 from my repetoire to provide more thorough feedback.

    Again, this is not a product that will give you exciting new results every week, hence why some may find this log "dull". My leg press isn't going to jump 2 plates in a week, I'm not going to add 5 pounds and half an inch on each arm every update. Like I stated before, I feel that it is helping nickel and dime me to more gains.

  15. Ghost you know me better than that. Anytime I have a thread or a log just feel free to post away brother. Don't even ask. Thanks man.

  16. So far I am noticing...

    - good pumps in the biceps
    - slight increase in strength on many chest and back exercises (I believe this may be from the product helping me recover)
    - no negative effects at this time

    I will weigh in again this Friday

  17. 1-16-03

    It's been awhile since my last update; for anyone who may be reading this, sorry for the wait. The past week I dropped down to 4 caps/day so my supply will last until I get back to the United States, whereupon I will decide whether or not to run a third bottle. Scale read 169 on Wednesday before hitting legs and back, which is up 1 lb since my last weigh in. I thought I had been putting on a little fat since being here, but the other day I took a good look at my abs and decided that fat gain has actually been kept to a minimum. I was happy to discover this - it means that I am up at least 5 lbs (scale difference) of fairly solid weight in about 5 weeks. With extra cardio and extra eating here, it's good to know that I was still able to add muscle and keep fat at bay.

    Strength still going up, pumps still excellent.

    For the past week I have been dealing with a really bad case of joint pain and stiffness. I did extra stretching and have been taking lots of glucosamine/chondroitin, but this takes awhile to kick in. Fortunately, stiffness was down today as I had a fantastic shoulders/calves workout, my final workout before flying back to the States tomorrow.

  18. Have a safe trip home man!!


    This is a summarized thread for the trial we ran. It definitely had its flaws (injuries and a few unreliable testers), but it also has some value for feedback.

    The full detailed thread (macronutrient/training breakdowns) is still a work in progress, as I have been unbelievably busy, but this one breaks it down by week.
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  20. Thanks Dsade

  21. Same weight

    Nothing new to report

    I will keep everyone posted.

    Thank you

  22. I'm still on 6 caps a day.. My weight is steady at 202lbs so far.. The pumps are still there..

  23. Quote Originally Posted by bigpetefox
    I'm still on 6 caps a day.. My weight is steady at 202lbs so far.. The pumps are still there..
    Thanks Pete. I may actually jump up to 6 caps a day. I will keep everyone posted.

  24. Thursday and Friday I had to good workouts. For the most part I went light on these days and did many same body part supersets. Judging from a few of my heavy lifts my strength feels pretty good at this point. Again, I am experiencing excellent pumps especially in my biceps. I also weighed in on Friday. Again no change in weight at this time.

    At this point since I have had no change in weight I have decided to increase my dose of Adonis X from 5 caps to 7 caps per day. Again due to my large size I may need a higher dose in order for me to experience any increase in weight. I will begin taking 7 caps a day today and run it through next week (which is week 4). At this point I have not decided if I will end my cycle of Adonis X next week, or purchase another bottle and use the product for 5 weeks as I originally intended. I will keep everyone posted. Thank you

  25. 1-25-04

    With the start of the new semester, things have been extremely hectic, and I did not one to make a half-hearted post. I have a brief reprieve right now, so I will take the opportunity to write up what is essentially my final review of Syntrax Adonis X. I have a a little over a week's supply remaining (as I cut my dosage to 4/day for half a week and then 3/day for half a week so my supply would last me until I got back from London), and I will continue running what I have left at 5/day until it is gone.

    Starting weight: 164 lbs
    Starting bodyfat %: 8.4%

    Final weight: 171 lbs
    Final bodyfat %: 9.0%

    Doing the math, I gained 5.4 pounds of muscle during my 7 weeks of supplementation. Most of my gains occurred in weeks 2-4 and began to taper off at the end. I believe that some of the stalling could be attributed to my lower back injury, which has required me to remove squats, leg press, and sldls from my workout temporarily. I was ill for over a week (around week 2) of the cycle and still made gains over that period, which I consider great.

    I did experience joint distress around week 5, but I tossed some glucosamine/chondroitin into my repetoire and the distress went away. I am thinking that the pain may have been caused by something else, as G/C takes awhile to kick in. I have a history of joint issues, particularly in my legs from years of running, and discontinuing flax oil over the 7 week cycle also could be related to this.

    ~ Fantastic pumps throughout the cycle: I experienced good pumps with V-12 and V.2, but they tend to taper off as the cycle goes on. These pumps were great workout after workout. Vascularity was fantastic during and after workouts.

    ~ Speeded recovery: With my workout schedule changed a little over break (2 bodyparts/day, 3 days/week of lifting), depending on the week and transportation, I would be required to lift 3 out of 4 days. I was able to handle this frequency well; normally, my recovery takes much longer (hence why I follow the 1 bodypart/day, 5 days/week plan under normal circumstances).

    ~ Strength gains: My chest strength increased the most dramatically, and my legs were on their way up before the injury. Tricep strength, surprisingly, also shot up. Over this 7 week period, my rate of strength gain was greater than over any other period of lifting over the 8 or so months.

    ~ Size gains: See numbers at the top. I have had trouble adding size in the past, so nearly five and a half pounds of solid mass over a little under 7 weeks has me smiling.

    ~ Cost: I went through over 2 bottles, and at $40 a pop, this adds up.

    ~ Burps: I got used to them, but seriously carry around some Binaca or gum. Your girlfriend or wife will thank me.

    ~ Joint discomfort: If you have a history of joint pain, I would suggest stacking some sort of G/C/Gelatin/MSM joint product in with the cycle as a precautionary measure.

    ~ Prostate issues: I have heard of this product possibly being associated with prostate enlargement. Again, as a precautionary measure, toss in some Saw Palmetto - it isn't expensive and it's worth it just to be safe.

    As I have said before, I feel that this is a solid product. With all of the hype, many people immediately put it down when it didn't produce enormous results. Also, with the cost so high, lifters can get a decent PH cycle for the same price. While this IS true, 2 things can be said: 1) PHs may be on the way out with a ban, after which those looking for legal supplementation must find something else, and 2) many individuals are either too young to use PHs or do not want to deal with the responsibility and side effects associated with their usage. I feel that arachidonic acid could be a possible option for those worried about the aforementioned comments. As I said before, it will "nickel and dime" you to gains.


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