When taking a natural test booster...

  1. When taking a natural test booster...

    well atleast one that increases LH and FSH, are your testicles supposed to increase in size? I've read so many stores that peoples testicles increased from using natural test boosters, but mine never seem to do that....at all, ever. So i've come to conclusion that my body isnt reacting to the test booster, is this true? I've even taken clomid before and I felt nothing...


  2. Gauging the efficacy of any test manipulator (also, clomid is a SERM, which is a different) on testicular size alone is not a good idea.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  3. Yeah, I know. I didnt take clomid to "boost test", well...I have low test and I wanted to see if it would boost my natural production to "norma".

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