how much Co-Enzyme Q10

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    strategicmove in your post you said, 'In my opinion, the ideal CoQ10 supplement would be a combination of ubiquinol and idebenone' but in your post below you say Ubiquinone?? im confused atm im taking
    and now im going to get some Idebenone, will this combo be perfect thanks
    My preference still remains Ubiquinol (up to 100mg daily) plus Idebenone (up to 100mg daily). If you are taking 200mg daily of Ubiquinol, however, then it is debatable if you need to add Idebenone, hence my earlier response to your post. As it turns out, though, you are taking 200mg of Ubiquinone, so it makes sense to adjust your dosage and add Idebenone.

  2. So if you take 200 mg of Ubinquol, do you don't need any idebenenone?

  3. I have had quite a few md's tell me if you are to take one single nutrient for the heart,it should be co-10.I use 100-150mg a day.


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