Green magnitude

  1. Green magnitude

    I usually eat before i work out is it okay if i take it 10 minutes after i eat and also on the days i dont work out when should i take it?

  2. How soon after you eat are you lifting(and what are you eating..)? I usually took green mag pre workout and if you feel inclined to use it on off days I would go with as soon as you wake up.
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  3. Like Bolt asked, how soon after you eat do you workout?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wrasslin116 View Post
    Like Bolt asked, how soon after you eat do you workout?
    I usually eat an hour before i work out.

  5. As long as you take it 30 mins. pre workout it should be fine. Days off i usually take it upon waking, but you can take it whenever you want on days off.

  6. They actually reccomend you take green mag then right after eat like a chewy bar or something im not sure on a whole meal before hand i know most supps are better on an empty stomach but i dont see why not i take it in morning with my breakfast.

  7. I take it sometimes after i eat and it does not effect it any different.

  8. When taking green mag like all creatine i drink a gallon of water after taking it right?


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