Intra-Aid Blue Raspberry

  1. Thumbs up Intra-Aid Blue Raspberry

    I was lucky enough to receive a tub of Universal's Intra-Aid about a month ago to try out. To be honest, I have never liked anything of this flavor but was surprised at how well I liked the Intra-Aid blue raspberry. My fiance and I shared it and both enjoyed the product. The flavor was not overwhelming or too sweet for either of us. We both had some great workouts over the past month which may have been helped along by the Intra-Aid. Universal Rep assures me that the PRs my fiance had were because of the Intra-Aid and not my bribes of increased massage minutes . Either way, this is not a purchase you will regret. A big thumbs up to another good Universal product.

  2. nice... i love the blue raz intra-aid as well, but if you order some again try the citrus burst... its awesome taste kinda like tang. I believe that Intra-Aid is the best intra workout drink because it has carbs, protein and a good amount of amino acid, just what ur body wants and needs during a hard workout.

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