Baking Soda pre-workout?

  1. Question Baking Soda pre-workout?

    I read a few things about taking Baking Soda(Sodium Bicarbonate) pre-workout to help endurance but everyone who tried it took a large amount and a lot wrote that they threw up.

    I was wondering would a small amount have any effect?I was reading the CL Blue Gene description and it says this "Sodium Bicarbonate acting as a hydrogen buffer, helps reduce fatigue during training and enhance recovery between sets."

    There is 41 mg of it per serving in Blue Gene

    I think I may try this since I have some very strong Indian Assam black tea which I am going to use to make some pre-workout sweet tea with and adding baking soda to sweet tea takes away the bitterness and Assam tea brews up pretty strong and bitter.

  2. First time i have ever heard this.

  3. Thats alot of salt

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dg806 View Post
    Thats alot of salt
    Yeah that is a problem as I try to avoid too much sodium.Also the stomach issues are another concern.

    I am curious is a small amount will do any good.On another forum some people were saying that Kre-Alkalyn was just Creatine Mono with Baking Soda,wonder is it has an effect if taken with Creatine.

  5. I dont like that idea


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