question with ephedra.........

  1. question with ephedra.........

    i have a question for you, does anyone else have this problem? whenever i take something like ripped fuel, thermodrene, lipo-6 or anything that acts like a broncodilator(probably not spelled right) i seem to have a hard time getting all the piss out when i urinate. and this happens even if i use an inhaler. its not painful or anything its just kinda of a pain in the ass. also with the ephedra products its like my nuts shrivel a little. i have read that the prostate could cause this problem but i wasnt sure.

    thanks bros

  2. Yep...sounds like prostate. The Ephedra alkaloids (herbal) do this to me as well, while the synthetic Ephedrine HCl does so significantly less.

    I am not entirely sure of the mechanism, but I think it is simply a swelling. I don't know of any long-term studies done relating prostate and BPH, though, so if anyone else does....
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  3. I get the same thing with ephedra, even E HCL if I go over 50mg/day. Saw Palmetto helps some, but it seems like it takes a couple of weeks to kick in. Clen doesn't agravate my prostate at all though.

  4. When I use Eph. for extended durations, always starts to kill my sex yes walnuts to raisins one might experience...

  5. That's a pretty common occurance.

    I notice it more so when I start taking it after a layoff.



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