So You want to do A PH Cycle?

  1. Experienced PH Cycle

    Got bored so I decided to put together probably the best PH/Supplement cycle out there in my opinion, with prices included.....

    *BDC Nutrition T-1 Pro w/DMSO- Very potent 1-Test & 4-AD mix. Without a doubt the most potent and most effective pure mass pro hormone out there. $68.50

    *Ergopharm 6-oxo- Fight off gyno and estrogen and aid the twins in getting back to full potential. There are other anti-estrogens on the market, but the general opinion is Ergopharms has the best. This is a MUST with a PH cycle. $35.99 x 2

    *Universal Nutrition Liver Tabs- Cant say enough about these (or have I already?) Follow this thread to read all about them: Liver Tabs Thread $10.45

    *Prolabs Creapure Creatine- Nothing like following up a cycle with your anti-estrogen and creatine. Creatine will fill up the muscle belly and help keep and increase the strength gains you achieved on your PH cycle. Not many more reputable companies out there than Prolabs. 1000 grams $20.99

    *Health from the Sun Flax Oil - Essential fatty acids not only will help your gains but your diet to get those much needed calories from fatty acids you must have if you want to grow. While Health from the Sun is not that tasty, it is one of the more complete and mixed with a shake, you never know. Almost an essential supplement on everyone's list. 16oz. $9.89

    *Pro Rated 100% Whey Protein - #1 Most important supplement as we all know if you want any kind of gains. Now I chose to list Pro Rated's because of its stellar price and great taste, but I think I've failed to mention the quality of it and the goods that are in it are stellar as well. 10lbs $38

    *Dextrose - Ahhh....a killer post workout carbohydrate source, provides that all important insulin spike we need to drive nutrients and creatine in the cells. You can go with a special carbohydrate mix, or a Malto. mix, I know 1fast has them as well as DPS but plain old dextrose will due and provide you with yet another cheap tool to maximize gains. 11lbs $10

    **These are all the things I think are important to have when doing a pro hormone stack, especially if you're fairly new to them. This is also a good read for newbies with various simple quesitons . All you other guys please dont see this as a slap in the face or an insult to your intelligence. This is merely a reference post for all those "new to PH" questions.

    Other items that are not AS important but certainly help:
    *Extra Vitamin C- Essential vitamin, water soluble so secreted when you sweat a good bit. Needs replaced quickly and is said to suppress cortisol (catabolic agent in the body), so its good pre-workout. I suggest powder form

    *Extra Vitamin E - Once again a key anti-oxidant, water soluble so needs replaced. I think effects of E on PHs are still undetermined so I see no problem with extra supplementing of it.

    * Meal Replacement Packs- Please...only if you have the extra money. There's a 1000 recipe's out there to make your own, head to our nutrition section and locate them. All Wardog has provided a great recipe for bulking bars.

    * Weight gainer (N-Large 2) - Not a huge fan of gainers, although they can provide those remaining, hard to come by cals you might not achieve through your diet. N-Large 2 is a good one, but once again you can make your own for change on the day.

    * Glutamine- I almost hate to list this as this is a bulking stack and glutamine doesnt absorb in a high caloric diet, but some swear by it, I feel it's too expensive for the use.

    * ZMA - Might be biased because I saw NO results from this product, but once again other swear by it. I wouldnt use it during my cycle, but maybe post cycle to help you sleep and help your test levels settle and return to normal.

    * Multi-Vitamin - You have liver tabs, between them and a high caloric diet you're getting a good bit of vitamins and minerals so a multi along with a b-complex supplement isnt needed.

    * Alpha Lipic Acid - Thanks to Biggin, Almost forgot about this one. ALA is a powerful anti-oxidant and the price is ropping drastically on it. Some people with experience with it say it improves mood and its been shown to be poweful in dropping fat and getting the full benefit of creatine. Heres a link to Biggin's thread and one to Elite's Ulitmate ALA Guide:
    *Biggin's ALA Thread
    *Elite's Complete ALA Guide

    ***Remember: Supplements and PHs are only a small fraction of your success in getting the physique you want. Your nutrition is the most important aspect of your bulking cycle. Training and sleep are also huge factors, but please dont forget about your nutrition and caloric intake. For questions on that, please head to the nutrition section or the training section, those questions wont be answered in this thread.
    As you can see, no PH stack is that cheap. I took most of the planning out for you, all you need to do is figure what doseages etc. I could list that, but I would also have to list all the variables that goes with it, so I'll avoid that. Read some labels, do some reasearch and you're well on your way. This stack is fairly cheap I think for all you get and the *potential* results if all goes well. Thanks to Big Daddy Chemo & Curt2go for providing a VERY cheap yet extremely effective complete 1-Test/4-AD product so you have that extra, good bit of money to spend on some other things to increae your chances at pure mass. Best of luck & I feel we have the best group of guys willing to help and answer your questions that are inevitably going to occur.

    I would like to make this as complete as possible as a good reference for newbies here, so if you guys have anything to add it will be appreciated. Also, Dont be upset if I delete your post in this thread if you give a good link to gain, or let me in on something I missed, I'll edit THIS post and include it and cite you as the source of info. and delete your post, like I said Id like to have 1 complete thread, YJ

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  2. Awesome YJ... now I guess we need to do one for the steriod forum... just making the necessary changes...

  3. Nice post.

  4. Originally posted by labrad
    Nice post.

  5. I'm not big on the ph scene but I do like knowing that the info can be found here. So great post.


  6. Now, if only ph's don't get banned...

  7. Nice post. One note of advice, supplement direct will hit you over the head for shipping($17). Found another place:

  8. Another good post by the bee. Thanks for all the links man they should help people out a lot. I hope this can help others. I enjoyed the post YJ.

  9. dump that bro.

    greate post. When it comes to PH's there is so much out there that one can get overloaded with info. it is nice to see that someone has taken the time to put this together, even if you dont agree with or like everything on the list it gives you a good place to start!

    I am sure that it will help a lot of people..

    Thanks again bro.

  10. Great post, very informative...

  11. Thanks great info!!

  12. quick question...does BDC accept money orders?

  13. He would prefer paypal, but if you're going to send him a money order, let him know 1st.

  14. alright thx YJ

  15. You could probably replace the 6-oxo with liquid clomid (or nolva), for people looking to save some cash

  16. agreed

  17. hey good thread
    sticky this guys
    if you want to....
  18. 6 oxo is a bit pricey...

    Wouldn't clomid/nolva be a better option post cycle, or does that take it out of the "ph cycle" arena? Cheaper and more effective.
  19. Re: 6 oxo is a bit pricey...

    Originally posted by elijah_123
    Wouldn't clomid/nolva be a better option post cycle, or does that take it out of the "ph cycle" arena? Cheaper and more effective.
    Yes and no. More effective for the price, yes. But when you mention novladex or clomid, people immediatley think prescription only meds. Its just now catching on that these ancillaries are formulated & suspended in liquid, thus making them legal. Things like 6-oxo will never be outdated or obsolete, people see it on their supplement company's website, know its legal and will opt for that.


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