Best mood enhancer?

  1. Best mood enhancer?

    Friend of mine is coming of a 4 weeks of Epi and I was able to help him out with his PCT but what would you guys recommend for an over all pick me up and mood enhancer?

    He's actually my business partner and we can't afford to have him feeling like sh!t for a couple of weeks. Yes yes... I know epi is milder than most but a $40 bottle of prevention is more than worth it.

    Let me know what you guys think.

    - Jonesers

  2. If his PCT is in check he should be fine. I don't remember seeing many people on Epi PCT talk about needing a pick me up. Most people actually talk about feeling great a week into PCT.

  3. A little geranium can help your mood quite a bit but it needs to be cycled to keep its effect...I also like L-Tyrosine/ Caffeine combo. Some people also like a little hordenine and PEA with tyrosine/caffeine. You can probably find a product with those in it, or make one cheaply.

  4. i used geranium in addition with my PCT for Test Prop and i could tell a difference in mood/energy levels when i used in comparison to other PCTs ive done. a little DHEA helps with mood and libido as well ...50-200mg/day in PCT depending on body weight ..i used 100 mg and it seems to work well in addition with eveything else.

  5. I like 5-HTP for mood. My Dr. recommend that and St. Johns Worth

  6. IBE sells a product called X-force. It is a combination of Geranium, Sulbutiamine and Caffeine. It is a great product for mood enhancement as well as fat loss.

  7. 50-100mgs 5-htp, thirty mins before bed. You have to get the timing right or you will be sleepy.

  8. maca is good, but at a higher dose. always does the job for me.


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