currently on jacked and wanna start up eca

  1. Question currently on jacked and wanna start up eca

    im currently taking jacked in the morning preworkout and i want to start dieting with an eca stack. my question is since jacked already has the caffiene and stims in there, should i just add the ephedra and asprin part to it as my A.M. serving? (currently only take 1 level scoop of jacked). or should i just wait and finish my jacked first? thanks.

  2. Everyone tolerates stims differently but personally, I would wait a couple hours after the jacked to take your ECA. Methylhexamine(in jacked) is a pretty strong stim and you may be going overboard by putting all of that together.

  3. i would just be very careful in dosing if i were u...

  4. What I have been doing, is dosing 12.5 eph with my pre/wo and 25 during normal servings. My heart hasn't exploded yet. Good luck.

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