Just Got A bottle of tri-methyl x

  1. Just Got A bottle of tri-methyl x

    has Phera plex- Halodrol, and Superdrol all in one. the guy up the street at a reliable nutrition store told me it worked the best. any good advice out there plz

  2. sounds like death to your liver, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, etc.

    honestly bud, if you're asking the question then you shouldn't be playing with this stuff!

    also, that is a combo of 3 steroids...not supplements! please keep steroid discussions in the steroid section of the forum.
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  3. at 6 foot and 175 i think you would do good off one steroid (preferably a mild one like haladrol). three is downright overkill, and only for experienced users. i'll never understand how someone at your store can tell you to your face that taking 3 steroids for a NOVICE user would be smart. if you have a bad reaction (and all steroids have at least one side effect), you won't know which one is causing it. read up on these compounds so at least you'll know what you're getting yourself into.

    i bet he didn't tell you that you'll need clomid or nolvadex for PCT to keep you from getting moobs. seriously, take this as an opportunity to read up on the compounds, and make an educated decision.

  4. AGAIN post in the steroid section...

  5. Sounds like fast acting arsenic. I wouldn't go near that stuff.



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