With More Research Comes More ?'s

  1. With More Research Comes More ?'s

    Hey AM. Im 19 just under 6'0. I weight bout 210. I wanna bulk up but also get cut. I am recovering from a chronic injury. I work out doing sports drills all week long for baseball, football, and soccer. LaX and basketball are some other sports i just play for exercising other muscles. I work out for atleast two hours a day and believe me---my diet is def in check! I got the nutritionists telling me what to eat and what not to eat etc. etc. but now i'm looking to improve my physical condition and looks, too. I'm looking into some supps now. Only thing... PLEASE HELP! I do reasearch all the time but it only leads to more ?'s.

    After all the research, i've come to the conclusion that after you finish the recommended time on a supp and after you stop it for a while, try other supps that are meant to do the same things so that your body will get even less used to the supps and they will work more frequently. Be that as it may, before i can try other supps, i needa try some first. As of now, i'm only taking a multi vitamin (men's one a day) and whey protein (by some no name brand--- it sucks so bad, but seems to have most of the necessities) and creatine mono. Please help me find the right supps to move past these plateus and that will also help my injuries ( i was thinking of igf-2 to help my bone structure and build and make stronger the injured tissues in my back.)

    I'm sorry im being such a pain in the ass bout this but hey as i learned early in life, you'll never learn unless you ask questions. Well, I'm asking! Please help me! Greatly appreciated!

    PS: I'm doing many diff training workouts in the gym, but im still open to other ideas as well. Thanks again. Muchas Gracias.

  2. pick up some preworkout products... as in jacked, or rpm... igf-2 is a test booster and at 19 u shouldnt need to be taking a test booster...

  3. no shotgun, jack3d, super pump, glycergrow are some supps i'd suggest. maybe some ecdysterone products if your protein intake is high. i used ebol on a cut with eca and maintained my strength while losing 15 pounds.

  4. thanks alot but i dont care if i gain weight as long as i'm healthy and still SEXY! lol. I just wanna look good and be healthy and stay in shape for my sports and of course i needa be able to salute when i'm called upon. I know im 19 and shouldn't have to be worrying about this, but actually i should since im only 19!!! it shouldnt ever happen to me! atleast not for another 70 years! anything you can suggest that will help me bulk up with out just getting fat like most football camps want?! I already did that and trimmed down alot from 245 to 215ish. and i need help getting cut. i dont have alot of time to write my medical history here, but if you would PM me and help me out i'd greatly appreciate it!

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