dark matter/dark rage or....

  1. dark matter/dark rage or....

    Which one do you think is the best to gain mass. Or what do ou think is the best product out there right now to build mass. i take cell tech, ampliefied creatine, animal cut and hydroxycut now but looking for even better mass builder what do you guys got

  2. you take cell tech AND amplified creatine?? lol and hydroxycut...thats really contradictive lmao and dark matter and rage are completely two different products..dark matter will give you mass but dark rage will give you energy and pumps in the gym

  3. na see i was just wondering about the products ya know just seeing about them. and what else people are trying see what you guys like and dislike

  4. People still take cell tech? But i hear Dark Mass atleast has a nice taste to it.

  5. i reccomend dark matter i'm taking it right now

  6. dark rage is good but i got ****in nausas during my workout from it, DARK MATTER is the shyt

  7. ight ill have to give that a try


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