Passion Flower Herb As a Remedy For Sleep Disorders

  1. Passion Flower Herb As a Remedy For Sleep Disorders

    Passion Flower Herb As a Remedy For Sleep Disorders

    The use of the passion flower herb in treating anxiety, insomnia and other related disorders has been going on for some time in Europe. It has not been as widely used in the US, but has been catching on in recent years. Research shows that this herb actual works well for many people with occasional insomnia.

    Some studies of the passion flower herb have shown that it can be as powerful as some prescription anti-anxiety/sedative medicines but without the side effects that can come with those types of drugs. The herb not only helped reduce anxiety and nervousness, but helped people go to sleep easier and stay asleep longer. More research is underway on this effect.

    Passion flower health benefits come mainly from the flowers and leaves of the plant. These parts of the plant are full of a variety of compounds like flavonoids, sterols, etc. Using the passion flower herb has also been known to increase libido as well as help reduce withdrawal symptoms in patients trying to overcome addiction to opiates.

    Since the passion flower herb treats both anxiety and promotes sleep it is useful in dealing with not only general insomnia, but insomnia that is a result of restlessness, anxiety and other nervous disorders. This makes the herb a safe and natural all around treatment for sleeplessness. There is debate about its usefulness for severe or chronic insomnia, but it may be worth trying first before resorting to drugs due to the lack of side effects. Be sure to consult with a medical professional knowledgeable in passion flower health related studies before using to ensure you are on the right dose and that you aren't mixing it with any other drug or compound that might be problematic....for example, mixing it with sleeping pills may be too much.

    It is not usual to find the passion flower herb sold by itself, it is usually sold in combination with other herbs and extracts for maximum benefit. These combo supplements usually include things like valerian, 5HTP and SAMe as well as B vitamins and other ingredients that help the body produce sleep or improve mood. However, if you have concerns about the other ingredients or have had reactions to any of them before you can find the herb by itself if you look for it.

    However you buy it make sure that you only buy from established, reputable manufacturers to ensure quality and the use of pure passion flower herb. While the herbal industry is much improved there are still some questionable companies out there. However, thanks to the web you can easily do some research and find out who are the scammers and who are the real companies. At any rate, this herb is highly recommended for those who need something to calm themselves and help them get some sleep.

    J. Wall has an avid interest in natural remedies for the treatment of Sleeplessness. He is a regular contributor to the Importance of Sleep section of phish sleep lyrics panic attacks at, a site dedicated to improving sleep for everyone.

    By: J Wall

  2. I cap a 50/50 mix of passion flower and reishi mushroom for sleepy time. Works like a charm.

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