Taking AAKG under 18 yrs old

  1. Taking AAKG under 18 yrs old

    i'm not really thinking about taking AAKG while i'm still under 18 yrs old, but few of my friends are thinkin about it.

    but whats the reason why kids under 18 yrs old arent recommended to take it?
    i'm guessing the hormone lvls? like how under 18 years old kids are still growing?

  2. AAKG is supposed to increase NO levels, which open blood vessels, and increase blood flow. I don't think it has anything to do with hormone levels, I took plenty of it from about 16+, its in pretty much any pre workout supp.

  3. arginine helps naturally increase growth hormone levels...but its only an amino acidd..you should be fine to take it

  4. i read about taking this with protien powder suppplement shouldnt be done, since they do have arginine in them and it would make AAKG unbalanced or sumthing? and should only take natural food/protein with them.

    not sure wut u think?

  5. 18+ is for legal reasons, I am 16 and have used most things non hormonal and am completely fine!

  6. You should be fine taking it with a protein supplement. Higher arginine levels will strongly increase your blood flow and give you a pretty nice pump in the gym

  7. [QUOTE=shotdead42;1874614]but whats the reason why kids under 18 yrs old arent recommended to take it?

    I would guess its to market it to people as something crazy strong with steroid like effects;Stay away its almost to powerful to be used on humans or sold on store shelves!! Forbidden fruit marketing tactics. Its good your researching before purchase. It pays to be an informed consumer.

  8. arginine is a non essential amino acid. so in order for your body to respond to the effects from it, you need HUGE amounts. amounts not seen in typcial NO profiles. the "pump" does it directly come from arginine.

  9. Dose it around 3-6grams preworkout, then 3-6g post.


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