MRI No2 Black

  1. MRI No2 Black

    More or less a simple question than a lengthy discussion. But one I would appreciate an answer to and lack the required time to fully investigate on my own.

    I have a bottle of No2 Black and CE2 sitting on my shelf from awhile ago. And I plan to use it durring my 10/10 Transformation workout. Although a bottle of this is only good for say 3 maybe 4 weeks. So I will either need to buy an additional bottle, or switch to another suppliment. Namely one thats interesting is Anabolic Pump.

    My question is as follows, Is it better or will it matter if I buy another bottle of NO2 or switch to Anabolic Pump, do they have comparable results. And if switching to AP will yeild better results, how long would I have to wait after taking NO2 Black to start AP, and can i continue to use CE2 with AP?

    Looking for just purely suppliment related responses please. I do not care about the cost of either, bias againts either company, or erronious diet information. I have everything else lined up, im just interested in the comparison of these two products, and any time i would need to wait from switching from the no2 that i already have and plan on using. (if switching is even going ot make a difference.)

    Sorry for the simple question, but the science behind each is to much for me to research in the time I have. So anyone who could answer this, its much appreciated.

  2. they are two different types of products... no2 (AAKG) increases nitric oxide production.. which dilates blood vessels allowing for more nutrients to flow through the blood stream to your muscles.. anabolic pump primes your muscles "a selective insulin muscle sensitizer". it allows for your muscles to take the nutrients (carbs/glucose mainly) from meals and sucks them up directly to your muscle, allowing for more energy and better pump.. And i think you would benifit from stacking all of them. no need to wait. I have had great results using AP along with a nitric oxide supp.. good luck

  3. Thanks for the reply.

    It seems from what you explained that its pretty ideal to use both. Can anyone else confirm that all 3 of these products would work well together? I just am semi cautious when I combined products that work in a similar fashion, especially cross company.

    Rather be careful than get hurt I guess is what it comes down to.

    But that aside if anyone has any input about these products or results would be welcomed as well.

  4. Read the Anabolic Pump FAQ:

    That will answer all of your questions about using AP. Quite Interesting too

  5. Thanks for the link.

    I read through it and yes it was very interesting. Although its hard to decipher b/w truth and rep hype. I want to buy damn near anything after I hear a rep hype it.

    But I liked the portion comparing No2 products and AP. Gave me a little more understanding of what AP is and the separation from NO2. Although I do have some complaints on the down-talking of NO2, ive used it before and defenitly noticed a gain in mass, while not as substantial as other products. It still exists, and the improved vascularity improves nutrient absorption among other small health benifits, and the endurance is nice. who doesnt love the pumps =/

    Obviously not a miracle supp but I think people tear it down a bit to often imo.

    Very interested in AP now, but a little weary of the insulin manipulations. Seems that could have the potential for some semi serious medical conditions if things go array... if not diabetes?

  6. anabolic pump does wonders when cutting because you are still able to eat good carbs and stay lean. also to answer your question on the NO2 products, over the years of personally taking tons of variations and types of the products i have found that taking different brands work the best. Taking TR and fast acting and mixing different powders together work amazing. Ive noticed that ive had better vascularity when doing this

  7. Yeah I know what you mean about rep hype and all...totally. but if you search read through the number of posts on here about AP, you'll see how many people can safely say that its really something one of a kind.. The benefits outweigh any negative aspect of the product tremendously (I have yet to hear of any bad reviews due to bad side effects) The ingredients are all natural. nothing chemically processed. Before you use it, your diet needs to be on point. And read the instructions CAREFULLY. Not because it can be damaging to your health, but damaging to your chance of reaping the full benefits this stuff has to offer. And im not a rep by any means.. just do a search on here and read through the many posts people have put up here. AP is non hormonal.. AP does not release insulin.. it activates GLUT4 receptors.. what insulin would do, but without insulin. give mulletsoldier or steveoph a holler if your really skeptacle.. or hell I would just talk to the usp rep.. just do your research
    good luck

  8. I hated NO2 black, I would go with Anabolic Pump.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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