usp labs prime

  1. usp labs prime

    so does anybody know how this stuff works yet?

  2. what do you mean how this stuff works?

    its tribulosan. its sick. look up the 69 protocol. 6 pills on non-workout days and 9 on workout days. I've ran the 6 a day for 6/1 on/off. I love prime. Intensity and strength really go up in the weight room.

    I definitely will recommend anything in the USPlabs lineup.

  3. i know i've taken it before, will have to look up the protocol ur talking about cause i'm about to get on it with my pct. but nobody knows how it works like why it makes u stronger i thought. they sent it out to PSU to test it and they found nothing from what i've heard. i know it doesn't increase test but does it increase protein synthesis? that kind of thing

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