American Sports TRIBEX

  1. American Sports TRIBEX

    Is anyone familiar with this supplement:
    TRIBEX by American Sports

    I picked up a bottle at a vitamin shop in the Netherlands recently, since it was decently priced, and I liked the ingredient list:
    per tablet:
    1000mg tribulus terrestris,
    500mg Epimedium sagittatium (hgw)
    500mg Muira puama
    250mg Avena sativa
    100mg Panax ginseng
    sodium carmellose
    magnesium stearate
    stearic acid
    10mg zinc (from picolinate)

    Although I think this is rather incredible, as the tablets although big, I wouldn't imagine them being more than 1.5g each, but then again I don't have a scale capable of measuring them.

    I am familiar with most of the ingredients, but not "Avena sativa" (didn't bother googling it yet), can anyone offer some insight?

    Another point of intrigue: as far as I knew "TRIBEX" was a registered trademark of Biotest? Or at least they had a tribulus supplement called TRIBEX a few years ago, didn't they?

    So, just curious if anyone had heard of this supp, as my internet searches for it didn't bring anything up really. If anyone has come across it, I can say I feel some libido boost from it (I have previously taken tribulus several times without feeling much of anything really) .. but I'm additionally taking 60-90mg of zinc per day as well, which could contribute?

  2. Looks like a bunch of typical natural test boosting herbs. Looks pretty good i guess.

  3. Also I would just stick with the normal 450 mag 30 zinc

  4. I usually take 30mg per day. I upped the zinc dosage for the last 10 days or so while fighting off a nasty case of the flu.

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