SuperCissusRX can reduce acne too?!

  1. SuperCissusRX can reduce acne too?!

    Hey guys. I've been on SC for 8 days and I am seeing a decrease in redness in my acne and scars are fading away! Is this becuase it decreases cortisol and acne can be linked to high stress levels?

    Regardless, I'm 4 for 4 with USP Labs products!
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  2. What? Never helped me... I'm glad it does for you though!!

  3. its possible, I never had that result, but to each his own man!

  4. Guess it could be possible, but I have a feeling its a coincidence.

  5. i had an increase in acne on my shoulders and chest

  6. Cissus is a great supplement,but it actually increases my acne.


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