anavar? help.

  1. anavar? help.

    ok so im not sure what form or anything this would go in but my friend whos also 19 has been talking bout some mircle steroid i guess? its called anavar. He said its really expensive but you would gain anywhere from 30-40 on your bench press with little to no body weight increase? Also said you dont need a PCT with it, since it doesnt mess with testosterone you wont get any body hair growth or anything like that??

    sounds way to good to be true. im trying to tell him this probably isnt true but just wanted everyones opinon?

  2. its a in the steroid section...and steroid talk is prohibited by anyone under the age of 21... by the way u will need a PCT, and it does mess with testosterone... its a DHT derivative...

  3. sorry for not posting it in the roid section. i figured u would need a pct after a lil bit of googling.

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