Help/Opinions on making a stack

  1. Help/Opinions on making a stack

    I'm currently assembling a stack to start around mid to late april

    Animal Flex
    Universal Shock Therapy
    Universal Storm
    Optimum ZMA+3 mg of melatonin
    Animal Pak
    Universal intra-aid

    I'm 19, 6'1 257. I'm getting in shape to play college football again.

    My Diet

    7 am-Whey Shake with cup of Oats
    8 am-workout
    9 or 10 (9 on t-th, 10 on m-w-f) powo whey shake with 60 grams of carbs in form of waxy maize starch
    11 am-chicken breast, cup of whole wheat rice, cup of broccali, half a sweet potato
    1 pm- (in class) "pure protein" bar. (i'd post the link for it's nutritional facts but i can't yet)and 1/4th cup of almonds
    3:30- chicken breast, cup of whole wheat pasta with severabl table sppons of olive oil, sun dried tomatoes, and artichokes.
    5:30-roast beef. (cuz i can make it in bulk) veggies, the other half of sweet potato.
    7:00-'fiberone' bar
    8:30-9:00 cottage cheese with banana, blue berries, and grapes.

    i'd post the link to my workout log but i don't have enough posts yet.

  2. i realize there are probably 100 threads on this...

  3. I do like Universal Nutrition I have only used Shock Therapy and Animal Paks but they have great products so won't go wrong. Plus you get your money's worth serving wise with Shock Therapy. But stack looks solid for the most part.

  4. Sounds pretty good; Any chance you can switch that Fiber One bar for something else, perhaps veggies and extra roast beef, or a can of tuna? If you're bulk cooking, you might want to look into stews, chilis and meatloafs. They all freeze well . Goodluck getting back into things

  5. yeah, i just like having things run cleanly if you know what i mean.

    but i certainly can get more fiber somewhere else.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by natty texan View Post
    yeah, i just like having things run cleanly if you know what i mean.

    but i certainly can get more fiber somewhere else.
    How much fiber is in a fiber one bar? I'd rather you have roast beef + 1-2 tbsp ground flaxseeds, much more natural and healthy in my opinion.

  7. 33%...

    whatever that is i think it's like 8 grams.

  8. that's cool i can add that in.

    thanks for the input.

  9. Glad to hear the flaxseeds worked out for you and you made the switch. They're a great source of fats and various nutrients.


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