Low price supplement place/

  1. Low price supplement place/

    Well I came across some pretty good prices I thought you bros might be interested in.

    Never ordered from them so I don't know what is up. I have heard some places sell out of date stuff, but I am ordering tonight so I will let you guys know.

    I don't know if it is against the board policy to post a supplement place URL so I wont until I get the go ahead from a mod.

    1fast 400 DPSNutrition Planet

    Optimum Whey 5lbs $27.00 $25.99 $21.99

    EAS 1kg Glutamine *N/A* $39.89 $37.77

    Prolabs N-Large2 10lbs *N/A* $34.85 $30.71

    EAS Myoplex Deluxe 36 $62.99 $55.95 $53.99

    Myoplex 42pk Chocolate $47.99
    Iso Pure 8.8 pounds $59.99

    Not bad less than $7 a pound including shipping. I like it as a post workout protein.
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  2. Post aint really in the right place bro, theres a sticky up there that I KNOW you know about and have posted in Should have slapped it in there

  3. Yea man, go ahead and drop us the URL. And if you would, do put this in the sticky at the top of the page

  4. YJ I thought you already covered some stuff like this. But any good prices are welcome and thanks for the info.

  5. What is "planet" full name?

  6. Why is there no link, or a name?

  7. Was most likely NutritionPlanet.com


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