Bulked up and ready to start cutting

  1. Bulked up and ready to start cutting

    So I'am 4 weeks into Havoc and I have gained about 14 lbs of LBM. I would like to start cutting therefore I thought about adding Troid or Cyclo Tren into the tail end my 8 week Havoc cycle. No sides, no shutdown. I have heard great things about both. If you have a better suggeestion please let me know. SERM and other products are in hand and ready to go for 6 weeks after. Some say its a great dry LBM agent and others say its for bulk. I need a dry LBM agent for the next 4 weeks. Havoc is a great product, but I have reached a peak. Let me know your suggestions...

  2. its all about diet not supplementing but 11 oxo stacked with something else should be good for cutting or
    Ultimate Cutting Stack
    5aEpiAndrosterone + 11-keto-Androstenedione = combination of anti-estrogenic, lipolytic and cortisol reducing effects
    by legal gear

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