white flood powder question anyone?

  1. white flood powder question anyone?

    white flood powder question anyone?
    i just want to know if the powder version can be taken on a full stomach and still provide the same effect because i have a "$5 footlong" tradition about 15 minutes prior to working out
    stupid question, but i can't find an answer

  2. its going to diminsih the effects of the arginine...its really going to make a big difference because the food will mess with the abosrbtion and your not going to get teh fullest pumps you really would...especially with a full footlong...bsn no explode has a good scale i use in conjunction with any n.o product i use which is wait two hours after any food to take the product or wait 1 hour after a protein shake

  3. Take your whiteflood 20 minutes before your sub. Although working out with a full sub in your stomach is sub-optimal.

  4. I have never had good results with it if I have food on my stomach. Everything works better for me on an empty one.

  5. Yep, a relatively empty stomach is the way to go.

  6. I would either eat your sub a little earlier, then dose the WF ... or eat half the sub before, and half post. I personally wouldn't even like to workout on a footlong lol, I'd want to take a nap

    The product is better absorbed / acts quicker when it's not competing with food.


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