looking for supplements

  1. looking for supplements

    hey guys, im 20 years old 5'9, 157 lbs with 12 % body fat im still relatively new to body building and im looking for the best supplement to take that will help me build quality muscle fast that will last even if i stop taking that supplement any suggestions?

  2. 20 is a little young for a test booster, so protein/carbs both pre/post workout, multi vites and creatine should work quite well.

    if you'd like to go the test booster route, there's a couple good ones floating around from IGF-2 , prime , T-911 , and DTH .

  3. Food!!!

    Eat more!!! Spread it out throughout the day. Try to get at least 1.25g of protein per 1lb. Figure out your daily caloric expenditure based on your activity level and increase your caloric intake by 500-1000 above that level. User both whey and casein supplements. Workout heavy and sleep well!

  4. I personally get good results from BSN products - I'm currently stackin' NO-XPLODE, NITRIX, & CELL-MASS and lovin' it. but at your age just eat and pump, wait till you plateau to supp., but if u must, I reccomend their True-Mass

  5. I'd stick with something simple for now like protein, a multi vitamin, fish oil, and a prework out supplement if you need that boost. Some creatine monohydrate wouldn't hurt also.



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