MAX OUT questions

  1. MAX OUT questions

    age 23
    6'6'' 254lbs 12 percent body fat

    I plan to Start taking Max Out on monday and I am really excited to try, what looks to be, an awsome product.

    Would adding reversitol to the stack add to my gains? Or would it just crush my libido? I know thats possible with to much anti-estrogen agents working together

    Would Hyperdrol X2 be better or the same as Reversitol in any of your opinions?

    I was thinking about adding 4 pills of hypertest at night to the Max Out stack for that extra Trib. I would have purchased Primal male but i recieved a few bottles of hypertest so i thought that would make good use to add. What do you guys think?

    and lastly do you think 4 pills a day of max out is enough per serving at my body weight?

  2. i would say just up the dose of maxout and run it for 60 days... instead of buying a bunch of other products...

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