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    Im reposting this here cause no1 in weight loss seems to no.......... i was just wondering, if ive been lean bulking and getting about 3000 cals a day, and am already pretty lean (10-12% bf), If i were to use vpx meltdown to cut of those last 1 or 2 % but did NOT want to sacrifice strength in the process would i be alright sticking with 3000 cals a day, or would i want to cut them down. i currently weigh 175 so were not talking a huge amount of weight loss here. And if i did cotinue with 3000 cals a day, would i want to rearange my nutrient intake, and lower my carbs significantly or what....just looking for some help guys, thanks

  2. Sorry to not really go into detail, but I was just getting ready to hit the hay when I saw your post. Diet will get you the rest of the way. Something that really helps me is nutrient partitioning, basically it means what you eat is as important as when you eat it. Example, fast carbs are fine after a workout, but not so fine other times. This really helped me when I was cutting, along with a few days no carbs, then one day moderate carbs, and changing the duration of days without/with carbs, think it's called the Zig-Zag diet. To answer your question, I had good results from VPX Meltdown. Bottom line, to lose weight, you need to be in a caloric deficit. Sorry to be so quick, but it's bedtime for me. Good luck, I'll check back in tomorrow. In the mean time, not trying to be rude, buttry using "search" to find more info, there should be a ton of it.

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