Beta Alanine??!

  1. Beta Alanine??!

    What does this do?? I heard it increases your endurance and what are some side effects??:dl:

  2. google it buddy. it has so many effects its too long to type it all. HOWEVER to sum it up, it kicks ass!

  3. so nothing negative for side effects?
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    Check this out: http://evidencebasedfitness.blogspot...a-alanine.html


    Why I'm not writing about beta-alanine lately

    "I've had a more than a few requests to write more reviews on beta-alanine, since it seems to be all the rage. It is so much the rage lately, that I get more hits on my reviews of the three beta-alanine studies than anything else, by a very large margin. The reviews have been linked by so many people that this blog is on the third page of a Google search for the term "beta alanine" (and this search includes hits from ALL of the supplement sites that SELL beta-alanine), and the FIRST hit when you search Google for "beta alanine studies". The. First. Hit. Holy. Crap.

    However, I haven't been writing on beta-alanine for a few reasons:

    1) This isn't the beta-alanine blog. There are other studies to review, and apart from reviewing for content, I like to review studies that also highlight particular common methodological mistakes, or, ones that highlight particular methodological strengths to build on the fact that good research in fitness IS possible (if we should just line up all the strengths seen in multiple studies into a single study).

    2) I don't want to seem like I'm attacking the work of a single research group. Most of the beta-alanine studies come out of a small number of research centres. The authors of these studies often overlap with one another, or come up repetitively. What I did with the three reviews was pick out the ones that I thought would have the most relevance with respect to generalizability to the largest number of people, or would be considered foundational studies. To continue to review each and every beta-alanine study (which I have been challenged to do) makes it seem like I'm malicious towards people who are probably very nice and respectable.

    3) There isn't anything in the other studies that would actually change the current level of evidence for beta-alanine supplementation from "There is inadequate evidence to support using beta-alanine," to "Beta-alanine is worth using." It seems repetitive and, frankly, a bit boring to review yet another beta-alanine study that does not add substantially to the existing body of knowledge regarding its efficacy or effectiveness. If a landmark study of higher AND sufficient quality is published, you can be sure I will definitely review it here. This has not yet happened.

    Am I aware that there are new studies? Yes. However, these studies have not yet been indexed. Many of them have not yet been fully published in peer-reviewed journals. With the exception of the Trapp thesis, I generally only reviewed peer-reviewed articles. I think we all know what my feeling is on reviewing abstracts.

    Am I aware that beta-alanine has been proven to increase muscle carnosine levels? Yes. However, the fact remains that DESPITE this "significant" increase in muscle carnosine levels, beta-alanine remains associated with non-meaningful (as statistically significant as they might be) changes in performance--except possibly at the highest elite level (which has not yet been adequately studied)."
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  5. beta alanine is good sutff

  6. buy it in bulk and save!
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