NEWBIE with FULL SUPP SHELF would LOOOVVVEE some input guys...

  1. NEWBIE with FULL SUPP SHELF would LOOOVVVEE some input guys...

    Hey guys and thanks for taking the time to read/respond...

    i was curious as to what advise u would all give me
    i am 160 at around 15% bf. Id like to cut the bf down to about 7 and be at around 165.

    Heres my list of products

    mhp dark rage, dark matter, waxy maize
    asteroid stack and jacked
    probolic protein and isopure protein
    fish oil, flax oil, and tonalin
    mhp abomb and eclipse hmb
    lcarnitine tartrate
    kreakyln creatine
    ester c
    7 keto

    green foods anti ox,muti vit and and min

    I already take Test creme and have high mid range t levels (700's)
    and was just diagnosed with VERRRY low igf-1 levels

    I am pursuing getting gh treatment but as of now I still need to complete an mri and another round of blood

    my thoughts are this
    its winter now so maybe start w a bulking stage

    730 wake/pre
    1 scoup dark rage (30g carbs)
    and 1 scoup waxy maize (30g/carbs)
    2g l carnitine, 3 abomb
    1 scoup isopure (25g/p)whey
    1 scoup of probolic(25g/p) mixed release

    930 post
    dark matter-(48 g carbs)
    1 scoup waxy maize (30 g carbs)
    2 scoups isopure (50 g pr)
    fish oils
    ester c

    1030 am
    tuna on wh gr bread
    40g pr 30 g carbs
    multi green

    lunch 1
    meat and fruit or gr veggies
    40g pr 30 g carbs
    7 keto

    lunch 2
    meat and br rice/sw potato
    40 pr/ 30 carbs
    milk thistle, tonalin

    meat and fruit or gr veggies
    40g pr 30 g carbs
    1 kreakylin

    probolic time release protein
    40 g pr 10 g carbs
    3 abomb
    green multi #2

    I will track calorie intake and keep myself at a 3-500 caloric surplus per day

    i will replace dark rage w jacked when it runs out
    and can replace the eclipse hmb when the abomb runs out keeping hmb intake at 1500 am and 1500 mg

    I feel like i want to add all of the benifits of the asteroid stack WHILE i am in such a strong stage of nutrient/ suppliment cycle to enhance and solidify the results, but i feel like I may be taking too much..

    PLUS this will give me another opp for bloodwork without any supps that will alter my gh levels so I get a clean read...
    if i SHOULD take it all together..
    how would u integrate? and would u make any adjudtments to whats there now?
    should I build as much as I can with these supp stacks and then SWITCH or ADD the asteroid stack in about 30-45 days to avoid platueing and then start cutting for summer...
    myb add pslin???

    I really appreciate your help
    thanks so much

  2. I'm a bit'd like to cut, but you're going to bulk? Correct?

  3. in the end id like to b about 165 w about 7 pct bf
    add 10 lbs of muscle and cut about 10 lbs of fat
    thats why i said myb first do the caloric surplus first
    im looking for redundancy/over dosage of products with the system and products ive selected

  4. and trying to get input on if its smart to add the asteroid stack with everything else there or maybe do it one set of supps at a time..

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