Androstenetrione (6oxo) PCT!

  1. Androstenetrione (6oxo) PCT!

    Good afternoon, Part of the PCT that I will be running will consist of Androstenetrione (6oxo powder).
    I'll be using the 8oz Transport Matrix w/ 10g of powder.

    From my understanding, the absorption ratio from transdermal to oral is 1:3
    which in turn means that if i want 600mgs of oral 6oxo i would use only 200mgs of topical.
    I also saw that w/ 10g of 6oxo in the transport matrix that each spray should be equivalent to 33mgs.
    In the PCT that I will be conducting the following will also be included:

    Tamoxifen Citrate
    Saw Palmetto
    Hawthorne Extract
    Vitamins/ Proper diet etc...

    Im thinking about running it for a duration of 4 weeks at the following dosage
    Week 1 200mg/day (6sprays)198mgs(exact mgs)
    Week 2 200mg/day (6sprays)198mgs
    Week 3 100mg/day (3sprays)99mgs
    Week 4 50mg/day (2sprays)66mgs

    Now from my understanding is that each application is good for ~12hours.

    My questions are:
    Are my calculations accurate?
    Should I divide the dosages for week 1 and 2 into 3day/3night?
    Should I up the dosasge or will that be enough?

    For Additional information I will conduct a cycle of Testosterone Cypionate and Equipoise..

    Inputs are appreciated..
    I just want to make sure i'm on the right track.

  2. Anybody?

  3. bump?

  4. I would wait for dsade to answer he's good at this I suck at math

  5. k, I just need to make sure that I'm on the right path..

  6. This I know you are correct about:

    From my understanding, the absorption ratio from transdermal to oral is 1:3
    As for the calculations if you do (600 * 0.33 = 199.8) it looks good to me.

    BTW, I read something about 300mg+ of 6Oxo having no greater effect. Maybe something to look into...

  7. Redwood is that oral 6oxo? or topical?

  8. 300mg of oral. in trans that would equivalte to ~100mg.


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