cod liver oil/fish oil question

  1. cod liver oil/fish oil question

    so ive been taking "epa fish oil" @ 9 caps a day for last 2 months as ive heard about all the benifits, and then as i was close to running out i went and bought "cod liver oil" thinking it was the same thing. But on the back of the cod liver oil it says just to take 1x1000mg cap a day and DO NOT EXCEED STATED DOSE. Also it says that each cap contains 100% RDA of vitamin A and 100% RDA of vitamin D.

    Have i bought the wrong thing? Cause if i take this @ 9 caps a day then i'll be taking 900% of the RDA of vitamins A and D !

  2. Yes, Cod Liver Oil and EPA Fish Oil are different things. Cod Liver Oil is especially useful in seasons where you have less sun exposure as another way to get your vitamin D. Fish oil is usually what you would mega dose to balance your omega 3mega 6.

  3. *Omega 3 : Omega 6*

  4. so just normal "fish oil" is the one i want 9-10g/day then, ok thx

  5. Well said. The only issue with mega-dosing Cod Liver Oil is the possibility of a Vitamin A overdose in the long run. Fish Oil doesn't have this concern; some worry about trace contaminants/pollutants, but they are effectively removed by the molecular distillation steps.

  6. i reported the above post as the spam that it is


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