Day 4 of Activate Xtreme and feeling very tired

  1. Unhappy Day 4 of Activate Xtreme and feeling very tired

    Lethargic is more like it with no sort of drive to hit the gym or even take the GF on..

    Taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 in the evening on a cycle of 4 weeks.
    I am hoping this will change soon and that I can feel the effects that I have read about...i.e improve strength.

  2. it could just be the rhodiola...when i first started taking tends to calm me way way down...

  3. Idk when I took mass fx, which also has divanil, It makes my sex drive go down drastically. It is really strange, can't really explain it, but I do agree with you about the lethargy. Good to know that I'm not the only one.

  4. This is the complete opposite of how I felt when I took 17-HD for two months, felt some of the best pumps and strength improved dramatically.

    Going to give it a full month and will report back with a review.

  5. Whats your diet like? You need ALOT of carbs or else you're not helping yourself.

  6. didn't notice any lethargy while on ACTX, only increased appetite and a lot of strength. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of carbs as mentioned above...
    I did a 3 week 'cycle' and only noticed the effects after 2 weeks so you have to be patient.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Stangtuner View Post
    Whats your diet like? You need ALOT of carbs or else you're not helping yourself.
    I only started working out again in December so I have been pretty good with my diet, following a 40/40/20 ratio of carbs / protein / fat.

    Trying to gain weight since I have always been skinny and have gone from 119 to 139 in a 3 months, mainly by eating tons of food (3000 - 3400 in calories daily).

    I am always hydrated with water as I keep two large bottles at my desk in school and at work so that can't be the issue.

    I am going to be patient and ride it out as I don't want to make a premature judgement on the product.

    Can't wait to get back on 17-HD though, damn I hope it works as well as it did the last time, though I am tempted to try Testofen next.

  8. I took actx back when it first came out I was doing a recomp and I did have a few days at the begining where I felt real lethargic but it passed and I had a pretty good run with it

  9. is 17HD a 21+ supp, don't really know much about it?

  10. james1 do a search here for 17-hd and youll figure out that its just a bunch of useless never lies...and to the OP any divanil based product should be run for 8 weeks to get the full benefits since divanil takes time to accumulate and bind to SHBG...

  11. Quote Originally Posted by james1 View Post
    is 17HD a 21+ supp, don't really know much about it?
    It worked for me, and worked really good. I am 18 so not sure if it is good for someone older but I can't see why not.

    By the way all chemical will have a different effect on each person so it doesn't matter if you are taking gear or 17-HD, the result might come out differently.

    I tried it and damn it worked great for 2 months but then the effects wore off so I am taking a break from it and trying Activate Xtreme.

    The beauty with 17-HD is that it the pump and insane energy would hit me within 30mins (they claim this is supposed to happen) something that I was highly skeptical of until I tried it.

    Expensive though, so buy it when it is on sale or get a free sample.

    Not a rep or anything like that, just telling you what worked for me.

    Regarding AX: Still feeling tired and not sleeping well. Strength is up a little but stamina and motivation is in the gutter.

    No noticeable increase in libido. Still taking 4 pills a day.


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