N-arachidonyl-dopamine HCL?

  1. Exclamation N-arachidonyl-dopamine HCL?

    What is different about N-arachidonyl-dopamine HCL, over L-Dopa or something like bulk 1-C???


  2. its a hit and miss for sum ppl 1C is alot cheaper and better imo
    N-arachidonyl-dopamine HCL was in tha old xdream and its way expinsive
    but the new xdream is cheap and very solid!

    quote from ther old write up
    The next innovative ingredient,N-arachidonyl-dopamine, HCL binds to the cannabinoid CB1 receptor which is the same receptor stimulated by Marijuana which is known to cause relaxation and even produces a sense of euphoria

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