Can Fish Oil Control Depression

Did you know that almost 60% of our brains are made up of fat, and about half of that fat is DHA omega 3 fatty acids? And Omega 3 fatty acids are the key ingredients in fish oils. No wonder, fish is sometimes called "brain food" and for good reason.

Researches have proven that even very small quantities (1 gram) of omega 3 fatty acids taken for a long period (12 weeks) can be very beneficial. People who did this experienced lesser symptoms associated with depression, such as anxiety and melancholy.

A book titled "The Omega-3 Connection" and authored by a particular psychiatrist from Harvard university reveals evidence supporting the benefits of fish oils in treating depression.

If you have been diagnosed for depression and are already on anti-depressants, it is not a good idea to discontinue your medication. Talk to your doctor first. Your doctor may suggest you ways of using fish oil in conjunction with the medication for greater benefits.

Can Fish Oil Control Depression Omega 3 Depression Connection

According to the evidence that is available till date, it is only seen that fish oil is helpful in treating mild to moderate depression in some instances. But, serious cases of depression need special help and relying on fish oils for such cases doesn?t seem to be a very good decision.

Fish oil contains DHA and EPA and hence we can conclude that they are vital for brain development, and optimal functioning. And since, depression is a condition related to the brain and mind, there is substantial reason based on which it can be determined that using a high quality fish oil may be beneficial.

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By: Jean Helmet