Canola Oil Omega 3 What You Should Know

Canola oil omega 3 has made a burst onto the scene of health and nutrition by providing its users with a form of omega 3 essential fatty acid called ALA. With this canola oil omega 3, the ALA that our bodies receive from the use of canola oils is used by a breakdown method in that our bodies convert the ALA essential fatty acid into the two fatty acids that our bodies require which are DHA and EPA.

This is also the main difference between getting the essential fatty acids from fish oil and canola oil omega 3 because in the fish oil supplements, the body doesn?t have to convert ALA as the fish has already eaten the source of ALA, say some canola seeds, and the fish has it already converted in its system so that when products are made from it, DHA and EPA are readily available.

The Benefits of Canola Oil Omega 3

There are huge benefits to be had by the use of canola oil omega 3 however, there is that substantial difference in the way the body absorbs the different essential fatty acids and if possible, it is better and less stressful on the body to absorb these fats in the DHA and EPA forms as opposed to converting it. Converting it can be helpful and useful in a healthy individual but for those who suffer from illness and even the elderly can have a hard time to convert ALA properly to provide the essential DHA and EPA fatty acids. This is predominantly why it is generally said that rather than having to have your body do this extra process as in canola oil omega 3, it is more beneficial to use a fish oil supplement.

However, choosing a fish oil supplement can be a tricky task due to the pollution effects on our bodies of water as well as removing toxins and other pollutants. There has also been a huge rise and growing demand and popularity of cheap drugs that makes the buyer believe that it is the same product as the more expensive brand. Even more unfortunate is that you, the buyers think it is nothing more than an exact duplicate of the pharmaceutical grade products.

These products are not molecularly distilled and the result may be allowing toxins and other contaminants to be found in the end product. This issue has been studied in a laboratory to perform lab analysis on low-grade and the results were shocking in that there were traces of heavy metals as well as other toxins.

We have found a pure pharmaceutical grade, molecularly distilled fish oil product that is naturally high in DHA and EPA.

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By: Jean Helmet