Revita Shampoo Feedback

  1. Revita Shampoo Feedback

    Anyone use this for hair regrowth/loss prevention?


  2. I got some on order. I'll let you know how things go, just curious if people have used it already and what they thought. Seems to get pretty good feedback. I know POISION used it and really liked it.

  3. Yes, joebo has my opinion already, but for those who are interested, it stops my hair loss within a 3-5 days of starting use. It goes from tens of hairs when shampooing, like 30, to ~5 or so.

    I shampoo up with a cheap shampoo, then lather up with Revita, and let it sit 5-6 minutes. That's it.

  4. I use it and Toco-8 to combat loss. This combo is very effective for me.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by joebo View Post
    Anyone use this for hair regrowth/loss prevention?
    DHT killers:
    Revita 5x a week, Nizoral 2% 1x-2x week.
    10% minoxidil / 5% azaelic acid solution applied at night
    (also a Toco 8 user)


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