More Liver Tab Pimping.....

  1. Hesitant to Purshase Liver Tabs?

    Just got a good thought in my head and went with it, this is a compliation of positive results and comments about the benefits of liver tabs:

    "in my opinion i would rather take liver tabs. i just started about 2 months ago, and in my estimation im getting more out of them than i did glutamine and the best part is each tub of uniliver has 500 tabs for only about $10. so it will last about a month and half and you cant beat the protein price, not to mention the other goodies i have been taking uniliver tabs for about 6 weeks now. i can really feel the difference as far as recovery and energy levels in my body. i started a cuttting diet last week, and usually im tired as hell and body aches, but so far im doing good -Instiutional

    " My experience (first time user), been taking them for about 5 weeks (cutting), and I ran out on sunday. On monday I had my chest workout and I was tired as hell, I thought it was because of my diet (never changed it) and yesterday I realize that it was because of the liver tablets. I'm sure it wasn't a placebo effect," Bachovas

    "just bought some uni-liver's last week. IMO one of the most underrated, cost effective, and useful supplements." - P.T.B.W

    "So just drop the idea of ZMA, invest that money in some liver tabs " - DawggieDawg69

    "That's why I choose Liver tabs over BCAA's. Take it post workout liver tabs you take throughout the day." - DYnomyte001

    "They seem to do something. I take 12 before I train. I have more energy and recover faster than i have in a long time" -Patrick Arnold

    "i'd never stop taking liver tabs. i've tried a lot of supps and would never use most of them again but liver really works for me." - Richie

    "hey i take my uniliver tabs through out the day 16 daily. Its worth the effort" -Snakeman

    " Regarding your question I must say that liver tabs have increased my strength in 7 months I have been taking them"-rdelavega

    "I feel that liver tabs help me in this department......I seem recover" - SCORPIO

    "I take about 4 before a workout, and 4 tabs every 10 minutes during my workout for a total of 28-32. This halts catabolism enough that I notice a marked decrease in soreness the day following an intense workout." - John Benz

    "These things are amazing. I have started taking them instead of a multivitamin and I feel and see the difference. I advise anyone that does not get enough protien in there diet, are really tired throught the day, and/or just need a good multi/bcaa supplement." - Lethal Burn - Heres a thread to display the number of people who use liver tabs

    "liver tabs are the ****! you really start seeing a difference when you start using them.And you cant go wrong with the price....IMO theyre the most underated supplement out there!" - Blindfaith

    "I've noticed increased energy levels when I take liver tabs. Good supp. in my book, especially for the price." -Tman

    "Yep! Liver tabs are good!" -bbbd

    * As y ou and I know there's 1,000's more satisfied people out there and hundreds of more quotes and threads from people who stand by liver tabs, I dont have time to find them all, but you can do some searches around the net and people will tell you......

  2. big bump for liver tabs.

    added protein and high in vitamin e!

  3. Aminos aminos aminos, farts farts farts, B12 B12 B12!! AAAH!!

    pardon. I find them beneficial as well. Nice compilation YJ

  4. Yes, I have gotten a pretty dramatic increase in cardio endurance with the tablets. I keep thinking the exercise bike is busted and the settings are not right because its just such an improvement - Patrick Arnold

  5. nice posts! if it wasnt for your constant advocating of liver tabs for the last year or so i would of never knew how great of a supp they are. like i said earlier, these tabs are also helping me reach my protien requirments for the day. sometimes for me the hardest part was getting that last 20-30 grms of protien.

  6. You know... I hear people complaining about the way the tabs smell in the tub, etc... but I like the way they smell in the jug, as well as the overall aroma they give to my supp area of the counter. Am I the only one?

  7. I WANT SOME!!




  8. Scratch my last post, GOT SOME!!

    I plan to get another few bottles soon, this might be my year-round supplement for 2003..

    So far so good, having such big tabs reminds me to drink more water... They're easy going down, and since I just started back in the gym, I'll have to see how my recovery/energy goes..

  9. yj u sold me on these liver tabs so i got some....b interesting too see how they work....

  10. And we are going to continue to pimp out the liver tabs


    I just got 1000 tab of these lil ass bombs.

  11. Originally posted by dez/null

    I just got 1000 tab of these lil ass bombs.
    You and me both....I also just got 1000, but I don't get as much gas as mentioned around here......but yea, I get some.

    YJ, keep pimpin them tabs boy!

    I like taking 4 tabs and 2tbs flax before bed when I'm tired as hell, or there's nothing else around.....wake up ready to eat a horse!LOL!

  12. liver tabs definately work for me also....I went through one tub of them, but I started them the day i started my t1pro/winny cycle.  I wasn't sure if they were doing anything.   After my cycle, I kept taking them but stopped for about 2 or 3 weeks and just started again 2 days ago on my 2nd tub


    I can vouch they work....over the 2-3 weeks, i felt tired as hell, didnt want to lift much...seriously just by taking them the past few days I can feel the actually feels like I am "on"......can't wait for March when I go for my fina/4ad cycle.....gonna hve to order some more tubs of the uniliver before then




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