Overview on Herbs for Memory Loss

The herbs for memory loss do more than just enhancing the memory. They improve the blood circulation throughout the whole body, prevent stroke, fight free radicals and act as energy boosters. The herbs for memory loss that proved to be the most effective are ginkgo biloba, rosemary, ginseng, green tea and sage.

The extract that is obtained from the ginkgo biloba trees sits at the base of some of the most efficient memory supplements. The facts that the extract has a specific concentration and that it respects some international standards sustain the efficiency of the memory supplements. The first significant effect of ginkgo biloba is the relaxation and the expansion of the blood vessels. When this happens, the brain, as well as all the other organs, receives more oxygen.

If the oxygen supply of the brain is below normal limits, most of the mental processes are affected. People who have an improper oxygenation of the brain may experience lack of concentration, memory loss and vertigo.

In conclusion, ginkgo biloba may be used for treating all these problems. It also prevents stroke by stopping the transformation of the cholesterol into plaque that makes the blood circulation difficult. The herb contains flavonoids and terpenoids, which are two types of antioxidants that boost the immune system by fighting the free radicals.

Besides the improvement of blood circulation, the fight against the free radicals is also a way to prevent stroke, which is one of the main causes of memory loss.

Green tea is also one of the herbs for memory loss that contain antioxidants. In fact, most of the herbs for memory loss contain substances that help the body to fight the free radicals. Another important effect that may be observed is to enhance of the energy. Ginseng, for example, is considered to be one of the most effective energy boosters.

This fact makes ginseng valuable in the treatment of depression. Because depression is the most frequent cause of memory loss, ginseng is regarded as a good memory enhancer.

Rosemary is among the herbs for memory loss, too. Mainly, it is used as a condiment in the Mediterranean area. However, many studies have revealed that it can enhance the memory by improving directly the mental processes. The herbs for memory loss are also effective in the treatment of Alzheimer?s diseases and dementia. Memory loss is in many cases a symptom of these two health problems.

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By: Jean Helmet