MHP Dark Matter and/or Dark Rage

  1. MHP Dark Matter and/or Dark Rage

    Have you tried either? Any feedback would be great.

  2. There are a lot posts concerning DM, not much on DR. I have tried DR once, and it worked great. I just need to take it earlier than I would normally take other pre workout supps. It kept me up almost all night.

  3. DARK MATTER is amaziinggg...most complete post workout ever..faster absorbing protein then whey isolate...amazing creatine with the creatine transport and 48grams WMS...results are sick..

    DArk rage is pretty crazy too with the epo blood doping but the full serving was a little bit much pre workout dren is the only fat burner that is one pill once a day and to put that full serving into a preworkout just over did it for me the vasculatiry is sick though

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jdboucher View Post
    Have you tried either? Any feedback would be great.
    Dark Matter is Awesome. Unfortunately its like 40 bucks for 20 servings. So on off training days i take an alternate creatine and alternate protein supliment. But to answer your question, YES, darkmater has impressed me and if i can afford it I will continue to take it!!!

  5. I wouldn't waste your money on this stuff, for a better price and bang for your buck get Universal Torrent, that stuff is amazing, got far better gains off torrent bro

  6. your not supposed to take dark matter on non training days because its spikes your insulin and that is unnecessary if you dont work out


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