uniliver-too tough?

  1. uniliver-too tough?

    i have been taking uniliver for the last 6 weeks, 10-12 pills daily. i feel like i have more energy for my workouts, i really do. latley many from other boards have complained that they dont think these tough tablets are being digested due to its coating. some guy said he threw up like 4 hrs later and the whole tablet came out. but i think they are being digested, cuz im feeling results. i dont want to chew them, yuck, but i would like to hear what you bros think. especially my man YJ and Jweave cuz i know they take the tabs.

    p.s-YJ are you uniliver payroll yet?

  2. Ha, I was over at bb.com yesterday explaining this to some people. For every 1 person complaining of digestive problems with them, theres thousands more that get the full benefits of them. If you have a digestive enzyme problem then Im sorry, but to blame the coating on liver tabs isnt fair. Its a simple gelatin coating and if you have a problem breaking this down, then there are plenty more things that your enzymes cant penetrate. As for throwing them up, thats probably a response by your stomach's rugga. Usually when you have a solid object that cant be broken down, your stomach is confused and wants it out of your body, thus the vomiting. Not everyone's body handles things today and these couple guys going around anti-liver tab preaching isnt going to achieve much. Liver tabs have been proven by hundreds of people on here and bb.com, those 2 or 3 I doubt will change anyone's mind because of their digestive condition.

  3. Short version- Just cause some people are pussies and can't digest **** doesn't mean they don't work

    Actually that's not quite fair, let me try again- Just cause some people have weak ass plumbing and can't digest **** doesn't mean the tabs don't work. Yeah, that feels better.
  4. yj

    thanks nice breakdown.
  5. Re: yj

    Originally posted by institutional
    thanks nice breakdown.
    God I love liver tab threads

  6. I just went through my first 500 tablets, and I must say, just the cool, entertaining noises that will come out of your butt when your takin 12-16 a day is worth it.

  7. Well, as a whole I'm not a fan of tablets for anything. The hard pressing and coatings used to bind all the materials together tell me that they are not as easily broken down as thin gelatin caps. I remember Benz posting about a guy he talked to who owned port-a-potties, and he said the guy had to install screens to filter out some tabs that never fully digested and passed through.

    Those are my feelings on the negatives of tablets, but it has to be put in perspective. I think that if one is feeling some form of effect from liver tabs (i.e. increased energy, less fatigue during workouts) than they shouldn't be as concerned about digestion, as they must be digesting to give any effect. Granted some users report increased energy and some do not, and we know the effects of liver tabs are not exactly "directly" observed for the most part. I'm assuming that some people can't digest the tabs as well as others, and for them I'd recommend adding digestive enzmes to their diet, maybe some kind of insurance.

    I do think the best way to take them is to chew them, but most can't stomach it. I tried, did OK, but just can't get used to it. I now just try to take them after eating in hopes that they stay in the digestive track longer and are given more time to breakdown. Also I use enzymes myself (thanks for the idea Jake), and they seem to help with gas anyway. I will try to look up some data on tablets vs caps digestion studies, see if I can find anything. That's my 2 cents

  8. jweave, i understand your point of view, but like it was said earlier, our stomach and enzymes should be pretty efficient at breaking these down imo.

  9. I say their cheap as hell and even if it is just a placebo effect who cares.

  10. If you are taking 12 - 16 large tablets a day that aren't being digested, I'd imagine that you might be seeing some of these on their way out? Not sure if everyong takes a gander but I tend to.


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