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  1. PowerFULL/Recreate/Super Cissus

    was planning on finishing up my bulk but decided to start cutting and kind of turn it into a recomp/cut from spring/summer. Diet has been changed accordingly to my specific needs for cutting. 250-500 below maintenance (taking it slow, i know)

    is the anti-catabolism from PFULL, Cissus (4 times a day) and Recreate in addition to BCAAs enough to prevent muscle loss. my carbs are what has been most compromised ...trying something new for me with the protein during a cut... dropping my carbs to roughly 100-110 grams a day ...restricting it to breakfast, pre/post workout ...and sticking with 1.5 grams protein/lb. (192.6 lbs)..all are clean cals ...

    ..given this, is it wise for me to think i can recomp given my diet and support supplements? ...or would i need some more carbs to be able to build muscle. ...only looking for maybe 3-4 extra lbs of lean muscle ..mostly looking to cut the fat ..roughly at about 14% bodyfat. looking to be around 7-8% bodyfat come JUNE!

    -thank you!!

  2. throw in a HST routine...and what are your fats. when at rest the body uses fats as engergy....so you can keep your carbs low, or to just around workouts, and breakfast.
    Get like 100 grams of fat. With the HST and your diet in check...you can have low carbs, and put on more than 3-4 lbs by June.
    Good luck sir

  3. thanks! ..fats are usually EVOO, natty PB, almonds,walnuts, etc..and fish oils of course, was also thinking about throwing some CLAs in the mix just to play around with them and see what they can offer. ...thank you for the tip ..will bump to 90-100grams a day

  4. Yea dude...just as Mark Lobliner (owner of scivation) would say "who needs carbs outside of a workout"

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