custom protein??

  1. custom protein??

    any of you guys like protein customizer and places like that? which of those places are better in your opinion?

  2. i havent used a custom mix from either customizer or factory but no doubt, both hold good reps. Customizer eems like its name been out more often though, recently

  3. I've tried both and like Protein Customizer's flavors and service more than PF.

  4. I've been using Protein Customizer for about 8 months now, and I am pleased with the product and the service. I have never used Protein Factory because a thread at and an article at avantlabs scared me away.

    My only complaint is their website. It fights with my browser and I can't order multiple custom protein blends on-line so I have to remember to call them during Chicago business hours. I think business is picking up for them because the last two orders have taken a day or two longer than the first three, but it's still making it from Chicago to California in about a week.

    A couple recent developments that appeared for the first time in my November order:
    • they are now using vacuum sealed thick grade plastic bags that have reclosable ziplocks so you can reseal them. The ziplock is the new feature, they've always had heavy duty vacuum sealed bags.
    • they began shipping 70 cc scoops with their protein

    If you do a search under my name, I have a protein customizer thread on here that'll give more info.


  5. I've used both. PF is local, so I use them. I've had no problems with them at all. Also, PF doesn't charge for flavors like PC does.

  6. PC is better all the way around. For the most part my orders ship on the same day. When I used to order from PF it would take like a week. Another good thing about PC is they are on the boards answering questions and talking to us.

    They have also started a new company called black star labs. The new flavors they have are fabulous. Fruitropical and orange mmm.

  7. cool thanks guys

  8. I purchase all of my proteins from PC now. I have no complaints. It's one of the few companies I can say that about.

  9. pc is great fast shipping and excellent quality and not that blackstar has flavoring and cheap it makes it that much more easier for variety

  10. I ordered from Customizer on the phone last winter, the guy was real good about getting back to me and the flavors were pretty good, but I am spoiled as I love LC Grow from Biotest (hate the company though). I think PF had some problems with label claims last year.


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