alri sups help...

  1. alri sups help...

    hey guys, i have taken alri stack jw,bam and restore..but currently still doing bam+restore, i have question about jw which seems blur to me..
    honestly, i love the product and ive gained strength alot from it..yes, i can feel its working..but i wonder if its steroid or AI..the thing is when i ran it and until now i feel my nipple gettin more sensitive when on jw, so in that case i get restore and Stoked! to fix this problem...

    i want to know what actually jw is..i did search the forum..some people said steroid, others said AI..i'm confused because either its puberty (im 21)..or jw causes this...

    i did go to doctor, he looked at it and said its not gyno..just puberty, but it doesnt really convince me though

    sorry for being noobs..hope u guys can help me...thanks lot

  2. it supposedly contains a mild PH similar to 6-DMT...

  3. conclusion..its ph?? and i absolutely need SERMpct? will restore and stoked be enough as PCT for this?


  4. OTC PCT will be enough for that.
    make sure you have a good test booster i love Drive to help you out too along with restore or PCS along with creatine you will be good

  5. Quote Originally Posted by bwtbm View Post conclusion..its ph?? and i absolutely need SERMpct? will restore and stoked be enough as PCT for this?

    Well like i said it "supposedly" contains a mild yes i would run an OTC PCT of any good test booster plus a low dose of an AI or stoked...

  6. thx for the advice but i kinda feel half trusted with restore because of the 6-bromo (the 2 isomer ive read somewhere) but since its function of estrogen control & test boost i decided to run it..

    stoked also boost test isnt it? do u think throw in drive would..well overkill?

  7. restore is perfectly fine to run after ur JW cycle...stoked is a great test, libido booster and controls estrogen very well...u do not need to buy all three for PCT...when i double dosed JW for 8 weeks i only used 10 days of ATD at 25mgsED for PCT...

  8. thanks jared..really appreciate it...btw, do u get the sensitive nipple while runnin jw?

    i wanna ask bout stacking too...say after jw (6weeks) + restore (4 weeks), can i run new stack after restores done...or should i wait for 4 weeks before startin planing doin activate xtreme btw...

  9. no i dont get any estrognic side effects from my run with JW...i competely advice AGAINST doing that...usually cycle time on=time 6 weeks on then ATLEAST 6 weeks off...personally i would pick up a different product which can be used for longer periods of time and produce better increases in LBM...for example, drive/RPM, Hx2/MFX, CIssus-Drol, DTH/Sunami....most of those can be taken for atleast 12 weeks...

  10. alright, that clears my mind..thanks alot guys...


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