Which PCT?

  1. Which PCT?

    OK, I'm 44 and have been into wieght lifting for 20 years or so and have never done any roids. I'd like to try the Cyclo Bolan but I don't want to screw myself up. I've done research but am confused on if this would be the best for leaning out but maintaining or gaining lean muscle. Also and most importantly what do I take after, I've read and seen a million things.

    Thanks for the help

  2. posting this under the post cycle therapy section might help you get more responses...
    for first time you should probably not go with a combo like superdrol w/ halodrol like cyclo bolan..
    for maintaing mass while cutting or staying lean while bulking maybe try epistane (aka havoc) or halodrol but choose one
    i dont really like the mg dosages of cyclo bolan 15 mg super 12.5 mg halo
    it is harder to play around with the dosages sine most people (depending on height/weight/age/bf%) will start superdrol at 10-20 mg and maybe hit 30 the last week which would be 2 pills of cyclo bolan
    and many run halodrol at 50-75 mg which is 4+ pills of cyclo bolan which would give you 45+mg of superdrol
    if you already bought it thats one thing but if you havent decided you might want to rethink bro
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  3. No, I haven't bought anything yet, just researching since I don't know much about it

  4. id go with H DROL. mild sides/shutdown. good gains for bulking or cutting, enhanced sex drive

  5. With Hyperdrol or epistane what is the reccomended PCT so I can order all at once?

  6. I think you can be ready for a cycle when you can answer these questions off the top of your head. You should know everything you need before buying anything. Once you do, you will most likely have a great, enjoyable cycle! You don't want to end up in a horror story, lol.

    Anyways you will want a SERM at the very least. If you want to be prepared for everything, get an AI and/or a test booster and some form of cortisol blocker. There's more you can do ex. multi vit and others. Make sure you study this stuff as if you have an exam on it in a few months. Good luck bro!

  7. Thanks, I'm definetely a newbe to this so I am trying to learn and not looking to do anything major, cut up and keep as much muscle mass as possible.

    As far as a serm, how do you guys go about that without feeling like an ass asking your doctor?


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