need some help on ecdysterone

  1. need some help on ecdysterone

    hey guys..its been awhile for me on here...

    i've been interested in this ecdysterone product for a little bit..i hear bad/good reviews all over the internet...whats ya'll personal opinion on it? best product?
    i heard people cant trust sci-fit plus its a less pure source..then i heard e-bol is pure but i read u need 300-600 mg a day and e-bol provides 80mg/2 pills at 3 times a day...any products you guys know that are really worth it? thanx alot

  2. Although nobody likes Syntrax anymore, but I liked SyntraEC. It has the Cyanotis Vega extract, which I hear isn't as good as rhaponticum carthamoides, but I had good results with it. Yeah people seem to swear by ecdysterone or hate it, but I saw good (although not spectacular) results with SyntraEC.

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