Steroid Q and A Male Pattern Baldness

Q: My question is about male pattern baldness (MPB)... There are several drugs on the market, including Propecia, Dutasteride and Rogaine. Which one will give me the most success in seeing new hair growth patterns, or just preventing more loss?

A: Well, three things are working against you for "additional loss": age, predisposition to MPB and AS use. Some would say that having hair is overrated, considering how fashionable and sexy it is to be bald these days (guys shave their heads for sex appeal, though it depends on how your skull looks, sans hair). But apart from that, each treatment out there only works on one aspect of hair loss, which is why no one has yet come across something that addresses all symptoms and effects of MPB.

Regular Rogaine is a good over the counter, but only works on the cortex of the scalp, and even then, only on small concentrated areas, not all over. DHT blockers have been found to have negative sexual side effects, so it depends if you are in a relationship or not. Loss of libido is nothing to sneeze at when you have a steady sex partner or like to go out and have lots of sex. Lately, there have been formulas added to the Minoxidil line-up. Minoxidil with Anzelic Acid, Retin-A, etc.. Regrowth - The Science of Hair Restoration is a good source for these beefed up minoxidils. They sell a 5% Minoxidil called Xandrox 5, a 12% Minoxidil solution called Xandrox 15.

Many bodybuilders have re-grown hair in the front portion of their head, but it's harder because more androgen receptors call the front of the scalp home than any other area. Azelaic Acid produces good results on any part of the scalp. Nioxin is a good over the counter treatment system as well. Take it with a Xandrox 15 and some Nizoral tablets for a cycle of a week or two (Nizoral is an anti-fungal and steroids often systemically cause issues with fungus, yeast, etc.. which thwart systems within the body such as hair growth and loss). Remember though, if your hair is gone, you'll have a difficult time regrowing it. Best to catch it in the early stages of MPB hair loss.

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By: Dane Fletcher