Year round recomp?

  1. Year round recomp?

    I have read about doing a year round recomp as opposed to a bulk/cut cycle. Could someone please tell me how nutrition/training/supplementation is different when doing a recomp? What kind of gains could I see from doing this?

  2. you would stay around maintenance calories...a little above for slow lean gains, or a little below for slow cutting. over a year i'm sure you could get some pretty good results.

  3. I see. It seems that nutrition would have to be spot on because too many or too few calories would erase several days of correct calories. How does supplementation change while doing a recomp?

  4. Same as always.. take what you usually take for your goals.

  5. supplementation really doesn't impact it all that significantly, neither does particulars of workout so far as i'm concerned. effectively what you'll be doing is a slow lean bulk. not sure what your "normal" bodyfat level is, but you will have a pretty hard time getting it more than 1 or 2 percent lower even over the span of a year if you are trying to add muscle too.

  6. yea when I say slow....the only time you should really look in the mirror is day 1 and day 365 to see what happened over a year. which is why most guys do a hardcore bulk...and then a hardcore cut.


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